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Epic Blightbloom Released
Originally posted by DaWayne33 (Official thread)
Blightbloom has returned to ravage Tartarus once again. Join your comrades and defeat the Epic Blightbloom once and for all. New Rewards await.

Shard Price of Flashpoint has been reduced to 10.
New reward cards:
Infected SpireBloomSporscism
by As1m Added on 2014-02-04 17:38 GMT
Neocyte Cache Released
Originally posted by DaWayne33 (Official thread)
The Neocyte Cache event is now live! Find out the conclusion to the bloody battle between the Raiders and Imperials over the largest amount of Neocyte ever discovered. Will the tensions spark renewed bad blood between the 2 factions? Complete missions in the Red Sands or perform well in Tournaments for rewards. There are also new promo cards available.
"Neocyte Cache" event reward cards:
ErelimInvix SourceGrimclawNightmare HellionPrimusSuppressor
Event missions: Neocyte Cache Lite 1, Neocyte Cache Lite 2, Neocyte Cache Lite 3, Neocyte Cache 1, Neocyte Cache 2 and Neocyte Cache 3.

New promo cards:
Rolling RamRoughshodAnimus
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Neocyte War Released
Originally posted by DaWayne33 (Official thread)
Imperials have discovered a massive cache of neocyte and Raiders led by Lord Silus have claimed it for themselves. Which side will emerge victorious? Battle against other players in a battlefield where healed wounds lead to stronger units. That's right the battleground effect for this event is Invigorate!

The event will run until Friday, after which you will have a week to collect your rewards. There are also 5 new Upgrade cards and the cards from the Splinter War have been added to the promo vault.

Additionally, the win streak cap has been reduced from 50 to 10.
"Neocyte War" event reward cards:
SuppressorPrimusNightmare HellionGrimclawInvix SourceErelim
New "Upgraded" set cards:
Pantheon, Lvl2Lionheart, Lvl2Raptor, Lvl2Volatile Wrecker, Lvl2Daemon, Lvl2
"Splinter War" event cards were moved to "Promotional" set:
Imperator VeyrCadaver FiendHammer of Scion
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Frozen Dawn Released
Originally posted by DaWayne33 (Official thread)
Complete missions in Arctis (second location) or do well in tournaments to earn reward cards. 7 New upgrades are available including an upgrade to Marrow Aileron (only 1 copy required for Marrow Aileron). The event will run intil January 6th.
"Frozen Dawn" event reward cards:
RapierMutilaterOspryTerraformerMarrow AileronLion's Mane
New "Upgraded" set cards:
Marrow Aileron, Lvl2Vilion, Lvl2Doom Cannon, Lvl2Marmoda, Lvl2Mawcor, Lvl2Hierophant, Lvl2Kyrios, Lvl2
by As1m Added on 2013-12-13 17:49 GMT
Solstice War Released
Originally posted by DaWayne33 (Official thread)
From now until 12/16/2013 take part in the epic battles of the Solstice War!

Compete with other players in the battle tab to rise through the ranks and earn new Cards, Gold, and War Bonds! Previous event rewards have also been included in the rewards. Attack refills have been removed for this event. Also included are 10 new Upgrades.
New reward cards:
Lion's ManeTerraformerMutilater
New "Upgraded" set cards:
Kleave, Lvl2Pantheon Shard, Lvl2Word's Host, Lvl2Knifarum, Lvl2Hellspont, Lvl2Balefire, Lvl2Muninn Tank, Lvl2Silver Edge, Lvl2Electro Marksman, Lvl2Skin Carver, Lvl2
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Fansite Chat Beta
From today Fansite Chat test enters beta stage: everyone is welcome to participate. You can find the chat panel hidden behind a button in the right bottom corner of the page. Several key chat features to note:
  • fully websocket based chat without auto refresh and with minimum traffic and maximum speed;
  • auto create/join faction and raid rooms for all involved (raid room stays there as long as your raid cooldown does plus 24h);
  • ability to create in-room voting (for room admins - faction leader and officers / raid owner);
  • easy way to insert card/raid/mission links via sdandart Fansite comment panel (don't forget to try Alt+number hotkeys);
  • mixed Facebook/Kongregate players rooms;
  • auto afk/back status handling;
Known issues:
  • Internet Explorer at the moment doesn't display chat correctly;
  • due to beta testing chat can be restarted often to fix bugs/errors found.
To simplify the fixing of the bug/error found, try to reproduce it before reporting (and include reproduce steps into feedback). Also Fansite relogin often fixes most of the errors. Should you be willing to continue chat instantly after an error or restart.

As always - we welcome your feedback.
by As1m Added on 2013-11-21 20:07 GMT
Karkinos Released
Originally posted by DaWayne33 (Official thread)
The mighty Karkinos was built to protect the Imperials from massive invading forces, but it's destructive power makes it a threat in the wrong hands. Take down the Raid and earn new reward cards!
New "Feats of Strength" title added on Fansite for the Karkinos raid (requirements are the same as for previous raids).

New reward cards:
Update: "Karkinos Vanquisher" were awarded both for Kongregate (#38,433) and Facebook (#38,427) platforms.
by As1m Added on 2013-11-15 18:03 GMT
New Promo Cards
Originally posted by DaWayne33 (Official thread)
New Promo Cards are now available. Get them now and Smite your enemies!

We are planning a New Raid next week so stayed tuned for an announcement coming in the next few days!
New promo cards:
Mist SkulkerBarricade WreckerAncient Stalwart
by As1m Added on 2013-10-30 17:11 GMT
Cry of the Fallen Released
Originally posted by DaWayne33 (Official thread)
Take on hoardes of Raiders risen from the dead as Bloodthirsty. These monsters are so infected with Blight they infect others and their numbers grow with each kill. Can you fight through the masses in time to save Acheron from this growing threat?

The event takes place on a three mission chain (with a side mission for newer players) that will last 1 week and the following rewards can be earned:
  • 2 new Alt art cards
  • 1 card returning from a previous event that can now be upgraded
  • 1 new Commander that can be earned after completing the mission chain
  • 3 new cards, each of which can be upgraded to an even stronger card if a player is skilled enough to acquire 2 copies.
To help with the new player experience, we dropped the gold cost and level of some of the energy upgrades. Also looking in to potentially adding an XP boost to players under level 50 in a future update.

We also fixed the following bugs:
  • Fixed freeze issues including draws in tournaments and leveling up after a battle.
  • Using a hash without a Commander in the hash will keep the current commander and still replace the cards in deck.
  • Foil restricted cards (eg. Infantry) are now sellable.
  • Small issue with joining Raids and the Raids page not updating properly to reflect it.
Event cards:
Pyro RigGorepoxFlux TrackGrimclawTemplarGorrus
New reward card:
Svetlana, Infectious Host
New "Upgraded" set cards:
Pyro Rig, Lvl2Templar, Lvl2Flux Track, Lvl2
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Epic Jotun Released and Conquest Map Reset
Originally posted by DaWayne33 (Official thread)
Jotun has risen again to subject Acheron to its Judgment. Can you overcome Epic Jotun! 3 new Reward cards are available but beware of the Harsh Conditions battleground effect, that adds a cooldown to all Assault units when they come into play.

We also reset the conquest map to help reinvigorate Conquest, Stamina was refilled to put all players on equal playing field. Fixed a couple of bugs, first was a display bug that was showing the incorrect currency being used upon purchasing a pack. Second was a bug that caused players to freeze upon loading the game on init.
New reward cards:
Tempest HoldDrift LightFrost Bite
New "Feats of Strength" title added on Fansite for the Epic Jotun raid. Requirements are the same as before: "Be the first to defeat a Epic Jotun raid (registered on Fansite), without someone doing more than 20% of the possible damage while doing at least 5% yourself. All raid participants with damage above 0 have to be registered on Fansite.".

Update: "Epic Jotun Vanquisher" were awarded both for Kongregate (#36,245) and Facebook (#36,247) platforms.
by As1m Added on 2013-10-17 19:32 GMT
New Promo Cards and Announcement
Originally posted by DaWayne33 (Official thread)
New Promo Cards have been added to the Featured tab of the store. Bloodthirsty are ready to infest your deck and take over your opponents!

Announcement for next week: In addition to releasing Epic Jotun Raid, we will be resetting the Conquest map to help shake factions up.
New promo cards:
Necro NestMawmiteSever Squid
by As1m Added on 2013-10-10 21:38 GMT
Splinter War and Other Fixes
Originally posted by synapticon (Official thread)
The Splinter War Event has begun! Battle your enemies to become the champion and earn Gold, War Bonds, and New Cards!

Enter the Event either through the Overview or the Battle tab (The event is its own pop up, not the Arena or Tournament). Participating in battles requires Attacks that refill at the rate of 1 per hour or can be refilled with 100 Energy. You earn rewards based on your rank and earn all rewards from ranks below yours. Rewards can be claimed after the event is finished, and all rewards collected are cumulative (meaning you will earn all rewards at or below your rank at the end of the event).

A lot of players are concerned about the exclusivity of the rewards. We do intend to bring these cards back at sometime in the future. We have not yet decided whether they will be put in the vault, appear in another event, or when they will return.

In addition to this update we have also made the following changes:
  • Faction War wins/losses are now separated based on attack vs. defense. (Defense W/L will start being recorded now, so current wars will incorrectly display all these as attack W/L.)
  • Fixed a minor bug where your tournament rank display would not update immediately after a battle completes
  • Fixed a minor bug where buying a pack with Gold multiple times in a row would appear to drop your Gold amount
  • First pass at Deck Hash support. This is just a first pass and currently does not support things such as foil cards and pulling cards out of other decks. We will continue to build this out, but decided the current implementation already could be very useful in its current state.
  • Players should no longer have to clear their cache after updates to see new cards.
  • Raids now use a specific Raid Key to join. This should prevent players who do not have a direct invite from joining and also allows Raids to be joined in game rather than using a link.
  • The vault will now contain 8 rares rather than 4 rares and 4 Uncommons. (This will begin next vault update cycle.)
  • Miscellaneous other UI tweaks and improvements
An unannounced change: "buy pack" achievements where updated from "buy first, second and third gold pack" and "buy enclave pack" to Advancement I, Advancement II, Advancement III, Advancement IV.

Event cards:
Imperator VeyrCadaver FiendHammer of Scion
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