Mission 131
Mission 131
BattlesRequiresGold rewardXP rewardEnergy cost
9Mission 1302704818
Enemy deckLocationGold / energyXP / energyReputation
12 cardsVistik Island15.002.67-

Additional rewards

Completing the last battle (of 9) in this mission for the first time does reward a player with 1,080 and
Placid Glider

Enemy deck

HierophantVigilPurifying RiderBarrierTemplar
Utopia BeaconTransceiver MechLucent RiderPantheon ProgenyRevered Monk
Bridge of DestinyPlasma Field
Deck hash


They are going to hit hard and be able to protect their heavy hitters.


I knew Halcyon couldn't be trusted! I could kill him myself!
Sorry, we will deal with Halcyon later, for now let's see if there is actually anything we can do to stop this Nexus.
You will perish if you even get close. If the Nexus senses it is disrupted at all it will send out a massive shockwave that will devastate everything in the blast, but the Nexus will remain unscathed.
If you knew this then why did you agree to help the Imperials?
We have not given them any assistance. Our only intention was to seek vengeance for delaying the Sentinels and possibly destroying this world as we know it.


We leave for the Red Sands. Halcyon will have the coastline of the Wasteland too heavily fortified for us to land there. Hurry we have wasted enough time.


The following achievements can be completed on this mission: