Double Trouble 2
Double Trouble 2
BattlesRequiresGold rewardXP rewardEnergy cost
10Double Trouble 14007625
Enemy deckLocationGold / energyXP / energyReputation
12 cardsVistik Island16.003.04-

Additional rewards

Completing the last battle (of 10) in this mission for the first time does reward a player with 1,600

Enemy deck

HunterGoliathTiamatBeam CannonWasteland Skimmer
TeslatankSpecial ForcesG-60 ThunderRaptorExtinguisher
Gatling TowerMissile Barrage
Deck hash


They have brought reinforcements. Even if you are not as weak as they expected they will not stop attacking.


We must not have defeated all the Imperials on the island. Even worse they have joined with the Raiders. They are just taking advantage of our weakened state.


The following achievements can be completed on this mission: