Bloodthirsty Nest 3
Bloodthirsty Nest 3
BattlesRequiresGold rewardXP rewardEnergy cost
9Bloodthirsty Nest 22104514
Enemy deckLocationGold / energyXP / energyReputation
13 cardsSwamps of Andar15.003.21-

Additional rewards

Completing the last battle (of 9) in this mission for the first time does reward a player with 840

Enemy deck

VampireGore CrawlerBrood WalkerAnnelid MassBlood Spout
Blood SpoutAbominationHatchetDraconian QueenMoloch
Feral ScorpionBlood PoolElectromagnetic Pulse
Deck hash


We were too late, the Bloodthirsty now follow Ascaris command and will heal him at the expense of themselves.


The following achievements can be completed on this mission: