Mission 8
Mission 8
BattlesRequiresGold rewardXP rewardEnergy cost
3Mission 713548
Enemy deckLocationGold / energyXP / energyReputation
5 cardsArctis16.880.50-

Additional rewards

Completing the last battle (of 3) in this mission for the first time does reward a player with 540 and
Barrage TankBarrage Tank

Enemy deck

Raider General
Artemis TankBombardment TanksBombardment TanksCombat SpecialistBiped
Deck hash


Enemy tanks are able to strike us from their position and will damage our Assault units.


We're almost at the Relay, but Raider tanks have entrenched and are firing on our position.
Burn this base to the ground.


The following achievements can be completed on this mission: