Halcyon's Elite 2
Halcyon's Elite 2
BattlesRequiresGold rewardXP rewardEnergy cost
8Halcyon's Elite 12705918
Enemy deckLocationGold / energyXP / energyReputation
12 cardsSulfuris15.003.28-

Additional rewards

Completing the last battle (of 8) in this mission for the first time does reward a player with 1,080

Enemy deck

MarineAegisSharpshooterJet TrooperPoseidon
Heavy GunnerTridentMuon WalkerHeliosIrradiated Infantry
Harbor CommandPetrol Rig
Deck hash


More Imperials are coming. They have more units in Sulfuris than the Bloodthirsty!


The following achievements can be completed on this mission: